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What type of cable is used in automotive?

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What type of cable is used in automotive?

PVC automotive wires are usually used for under hood or cabin applications. It has highly durable insulation and is resistant to oil, grease and acid. It is very suitable for the electrical connection of cars, trucks, trailers, ships, buildings and many other cars electrical connections.

Automobile cables of different categories

Automobile cables need different national standards, such as GXL cable of American Standard, flry-a cable of German standard and AVS cable of Japanese standard. Different national standards have different sizes, insulating materials and applicable temperatures. However, these cables are used in the internal connecting wires of cars.Today, we will first introduce several automobile cables of American Standard.

American Standard

At present , three basic XL wires may be used in the automotive industry: TXL, GXL and SXL. The number of copper strands is basically the same, but the main difference is the insulation thickness. TXL has the thinnest insulation and SXL has the thickest insulation.These three types of cables have different sizes and specifications under the same area. However, they all use XLPE insulation.Therefore, in different applications, we should first understand the conductor structure and insulation thickness of the cable we need.

GXL Cable

GXL cable is a thin-walled single conductor automobile primary line. It also has cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, and the rated voltage is 50V. It works best in the temperature range from -51 ° C to +125 ° C. It is mainly used in the engine compartment where high heat resistance is required.

TXL Cable

TXL cable is a kind of thin-walled cross-linked polyethylene insulated single core conductor, which is used in automotive applications requiring higher heat resistance, small diameter and minimum weight.

SXL Cable

SXL wire is a single conductor primary wire with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. The temperature range of Sxl conductor is -51 ° C to 125 ° C, with rated voltage. Sxl wire is a kind of thick wall special wire, which is designed for high temperature applications, including engine compartment.


Of course, there are many other specifications in American standards.Different models have different application methods. When we use car cables, we should clearly understand our required size to avoid mistakes in the subsequent sales process. Different countries have different automobile cable standards, and the sizes and specifications of different standards are also different.

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