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What is Automotive Wire?

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What is GXL Automotive Wire?

It features a stranded bare copper conductor and XLPE insulation. This type of primary wire is ideal for use in engine compartments and other automotive applications where high-temperature performance is required. It is most commonly found in tractors and trailers. However, it is also often found in passenger cars and boats.

The stranded conductor and thin wall insulation in this wire make it extremely flexible and suitable for small spaces. Cross-linked Polyethylene is an extremely durable material that provides resistance to abrasion, high temperatures, and most solvents. 


What is TXL Wire?

It is commonly used in applications where high heat resistance is a requirement. Common applications include the engine compartments of boats, tractors, buses, trucks, instrument panels, interiors, and a wide variety of other automotive applications. If your next application requires a wire with a small diameter and minimal weight


TXL wire features a stranded single bare copper conductor and chemically cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. The stranded conductor provides extra flexibility. The XLPE insulation provides resistance to high temperatures, moisture, most solvents, and other environmental factors that are commonly found in automotive applications. 

What is SXL Wire?

SXL wire is a cross-linked automotive primary wire. It is designed for use as general circuit wiring in engine compartments and other high-temperature applications. This type of wire features a stranded bare copper conductor and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.


The cross-linked polyethylene insulation has a standard wall or thickness. This gives SXL wire excellent resistance to high temperatures and abrasion. The stranded bare copper conductor gives this cable the flexibility to be used in small spaces.

What is the difference between GXL and TXL wire?

A lot of products seem the same at first glance but can greatly affect the outcome of your next application. Today, we're taking a closer look at TXL and GXL Automotive Primary wires. These Automotive Primary wires are used and designed for a variety of different automotive environments. Both wires meet SAE J-1128, Ford M1L-123A, and Chrysler MS-8900 standards and have a 125°C temperature rating.

The major differences between TXL and GXL Primary wires are the applications, wall thickness, and weight. TXL wire's extra-thin wall makes it smaller and more lightweight than GXL. GXL, however, is used primarily where high heat resistance is required. There is a lot of overlap between all three Automotive Primary wires. Both TXL and GXL have a bare copper conductor, XLPE insulation, and the same temperature rating. They are also both rated to SAE, Ford M1L-123A, and Chrysler MS-8900 standards. 

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