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What Wires Are Used In New Energy Vehicles?

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New energy vehicles have high-voltage systems and low-voltage systems.There are many different types of wires used in new energy vehicles due to different voltages.

High-voltage DC cable  -  it’s used to connect the battery pack and the motor to transmit high-voltage DC power. High-voltage systems are generally colored orange-yellow, mostly with pure copper due to its good conductivity and low losses. Although the conductivity of aluminum is not as good as that of copper, the same transmission efficiency can be achieved if the cross-sectional area of the wire is increased. And the density of aluminum is one-third that of copper, even if the cross-section is increased, the weight can be greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the lightweight and energy consumption of the entire vehicle.

Low-voltage DC cable -  it’s used to connect low-power equipment. Such as door locks, lights etc.The wiring harness of a low-voltage system may be colorful, but it is generally very thin and mostly made of copper wires. There are two functions: wires for power supply and signal wires for transmitting signals.

Charging connection cable  it’s used to connect charging equipment and vehicle charging ports to transmit AC power. The power wire is generally a single one, and is connected from the positive and negative side of the low-voltage battery to the electrical appliances.

Control signal cable -  it’s used to transmit various vehicle control signals, such as turn signals and braking signals etc. Signal wires are generally in the form of twisted pairs, and there are other forms but they are not much different from power wires in structure.

Cable And Wire Manufacturer In China