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Lead Wire, Hook Up Wire and Electronic Wire

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Lead Wire, Hook Up Wire


In our daily life, there are many types of common wires and cables, such as power cables, equipment cables, power cords, house wiring, etc. In fact, there is another kind of electronic wire that is also very commonly used, but we rarely notice it. The electrical conductivity is mainly weak current, which is different from the concept of wires and cables in the strong current category. Used for internal connecting lines of some equipment, electronic products, circuit boards, etc.It’s called Lead wire, hook up wire or electronic wire.

The types of Lead wires in the market are divided into three series: UL standard, CCC standard, and VDE standard wire. The wires in AWG are generally UL standards, and the units in Square Meters are generally CCC standards or VDE standards. Domestic wire manufacturers mainly focus on the two standards of CCC and UL.

As one kind of connecting wire, Lead wires are colorful to distinguish different functions. The wiring structure inside the car is very complex. There are often more than a dozen colors of electronic wires on a wire harness.

Lead wire conductors normally use tinned copper or bare copper. Bare copper wire is drawn through bare copper rods. It has excellent electrical conductivity in physical properties. Compared with bare copper, the process of tinned copper requires one more process. After drawing the bare copper, it is tinned by the hot tin plating process. The advantage of tinned copper wire is that it has stronger corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Lead wires are single-core insulated wires. According to different requirements, there are conventional types of Lead wires, cold-resistant Lead wires and high-temperature Lead wires. Conventional Lead wires are ordinary PVC insulated and cannot be used for special purposes. Cold-resistant Lead wires are mainly used in low-temperature environments. They are resistant to low temperature and humidity, are not prone to cracking, and have good flexibility. High-temperature Lead wires are also a commonly used type. Many products have such high-temperature requirements, the new high-temperature lead wires use XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation material. By the physical cross-linking and irradiation treatment,the lead wire not only has good high temperature resistance but also be safer and more environmental friendly with longer service life. 

Example: UL1007, UL1015,UL1332... ...

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